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WomEngineering – Women matter in operations

McKinsey & Company's Operations Practice invites female students and experienced professionals from all over Europe to be inspired and make a difference!

Are you enthusiastic about engineering and the impact women can deliver in topics related to operations? Could you be passionate about transforming our clients' operations?

McKinsey strongly believes in developing outstanding female leaders. We do so every day, both internally and with our clients. 

In an exclusive 2.5-day workshop in Berlin from April 12 to 14, 2018, McKinsey would like to offer you – talented women from all over Europe – the opportunity to gain insights into the daily work of our Operations Practice consultants and to enjoy the exciting city of Berlin. 

We would like to invite talented women based in Europe who are:

  • Current students working towards a bachelor's/master's degree, MBA, or PhD, with an engineering or business background
  • Experienced professionals with work experience in the field of operations.

Apply now

Closing date for applications: March 11, 2018

Laura Requeno Garcia

WomEngineering participant in 2015

Attending the WomEngineering 2015 event was without a doubt an important step in my career. After those two unforgettable days, I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to be part of McKinsey's Operations Practice family. The event had an engaging and fun atmosphere that helped me understand what being a consultant at McKinsey means, what sort of projects the McKinsey Operations Practice is involved in, and how inspiring it is to work with so many talented and motivated people. Everyone in the event was passionate about operations and had a lot of relevant experience to share. It was then that I realized that McKinsey was the ideal place to build my career as an operations consultant. In the summer of 2016, I joined the firm as a Fellow Intern and I cannot wait to come back to McKinsey's Operations Practice next September. I really encourage you to apply as in my experience, WomEngineering was the beginning of a great journey!

Marya Izquierdo

Junior Specialist from the London office

I have attended two amazing WomEngineering events during my two-year Operations Engineereing Practice journey. From hearing about the successful career of a female senior executive at Renault to the adventures of Helga Hengge, the first German woman to climb the Everest, these events have given me the opportunity to learn from outstanding women in the industry as well as from more than 50 young professionals looking to make the next move in their career. Aside from this learning opportunity, I've also had the chance to share my experience both inside and outside McKinsey with this diverse network. Seeing that more than a quarter of the participants from the last event have joined the firm is very rewarding. I would love to continue to be part of these events, sharing what the OEP has to offer.

Victoria Eckstein

WomEngineering participant in spring 2017

I became aware of the McKinsey Operations Practice due to the Center of Competence at my University (KIT). That is why I wanted to get to know more about the Practice. WomEngineering was the perfect event for that. You really get a feeling of how supportive, engaging, and inspiring working at McKinsey is, what the projects and work look like, and how you can deliver real client impact. The exchange with so many talented people with strong operations backgrounds was really worth it. During the workshops, the fun part in the snow, and the Q&A sessions, it was encouraging to see how well everybody got along.

Since the event, I have been absolutely amazed regarding McKinsey and have realized that it is exactly the right place for me to bring my career to the next level. Surprisingly, I stayed in contact with some of the girls; we practiced cases together, supported each other, and we all got offers! I cannot wait until next year when I will start work as an Implementation Coach. I already feel so well connected although I am not yet working for the firm, and this is due to the amazing days in Kitzbühel!"