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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the event?

Our event targets upper-level female undergraduates, graduate students, MBA, and PhD students as well as experienced female professionals with work experience in the field of operations (manufacturing, product development, supply chain management, procurement, lean services, capital projects, infrastructure, advanced analytics, quality management, implementation). All applications will be treated confidentially.

Will I be evaluated during the event?

No. The event is not an assessment center for determining a participant's employability. We would like to give you the opportunity to gain insights into our working environment in order to help you decide whether consulting could play a role in your career.

Why should I apply for the event?

You should apply if you:

  • Want to experience what management and operations consulting at McKinsey is all about
  • Would like to meet our female consultants and learn more about the work they do at McKinsey
  • Are curious and open to new challenges
  • Are seeking an attractive career
  • Have fun working in teams and enjoy solving complex problems.

Will taking part in the event cost me anything?

Event participants will not incur any costs. McKinsey will cover all travel and accommodation expenses.

What opportunities do women at McKinsey have to meet each other and to network?

There are both formal and informal ways for women at the firm to connect with one another. Formally, there are numerous in-person events throughout the year. Some are cross-office programs (such as the Leadership Development Workshop for Women and the Senior Women's Conference) and some are driven by the women's groups in a particular office (such as the Operations Women's Conference or the German Office Women's Day). We also have an internal Web site for women at McKinsey, which is a great resource for our women (and men!) and provides a forum for information sharing and networking. Informally, most of our women have solid relationships – friendships and mentorships – with women they have met throughout the firm, either on client engagements, through training programs, or through other friends at the firm.

Is it possible to work part time at McKinsey?

McKinsey has supported flexible working arrangements, including a variety of part-time options, for more than 20 years. Consultants are increasingly experimenting with various forms of flexibility in order to make their careers at McKinsey work for them. Over 1,500 consultants have worked on a part-time basis since the firm started offering flexible work options in 1992. Roughly 40 partners and 10 directors have been elected while on part-time programs.