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Women at McKinsey - who we are and what we do

At McKinsey & Company, people and talent are at the heart of our work. We strongly believe in diversity in all its many forms. In fact, studies conducted around the world show that diversity is fundamental to the performance and health of corporations. In particular for management consulting, a wide range of talents, backgrounds, experiences, and opinions is a prerequisite for being more creative, challenging existing thinking, delivering high impact, and being more innovative.

However, not enough women are finding their way into this field. Our aspiration is for McKinsey to become, indisputably by reputation and facts, the most sought after, preeminent place for highly talented women to work anywhere in the world.

Our female consultants have diverse backgrounds from business and science to fine arts, medicine, and law. So why did they choose McKinsey? We would like to invite you to explore what makes the experience of women at McKinsey unique: the opportunities the company offers to achieve real impact in the world, the strong support employees receive in their personal and professional growth, and the influential network of exceptional women professionals to which they belong.

Diana Geiger

Associate from the Vienna office

I was coming to the end of my PhD without any real idea of what I wanted to do next, when a friend forwarded me the information on the Operations Practice's WomEngineering event. Becoming a consultant wasn't at the top of my career shortlist – mainly because I wasn't really sure what a consultant does or how the job would be. But what did I have to lose from spending a couple of days at a nice place in Kitzbühel? So I applied for a place, and was accepted. I had a lot of fun and found the event informative and entertaining (especially the sledging!), but the main benefit came from informal chats with women working as consultants. They were very open and honest about the job, happy to answer any questions, and over the course of the two days I became more and more excited about their work and consultancy in general.

Maria Felez

Operations Specialist from the Madrid office

The WomEngineering event 2016 was such a great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people that I can't wait for the next one. Through the combination of learning and entertainment, participants not only found out more about McKinsey and the consultant life but also extended their network throughout Europe, and, of course … had fun! Uniting young and talented women from different backgrounds in a beautiful venue makes this event a unique opportunity for both candidates and faculties.

Learn more about women at McKinsey here. By visiting this site, you will see how women at McKinsey are leaving their mark in the world, how they are shaping this world based on their priorities and passions, and how they help and learn from each other on the way.